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Which Countertops Are Right for Your Project?

Today’s design trends offer customers a large array of countertop materials from which to choose. With so many options, customers sometimes have a hard time knowing which ones to use for their project. As a result, selecting the best one for your needs should start with an understanding of the types used in most projects: stone, metal, composite, or materials like laminate, concrete, tile, and wood. 361 Cabinets helps customers select the right one for their project. Specifically, we use 3D models and have product samples in our facility.

  • Stone – granite, quartz, marble, onyx, slate, soapstone, limestone, travertine
  • Metal – stainless, copper
  • Composite – cultured marble, Corian
  • Other Materials – laminate, concrete, wood, glass

Our Focus is on Your Project

At 361 Cabinets, we install quality countertops for residential and commercial properties. We work closely with DIY homeowners, interior designers, and builders to produce custom cabinets and countertops that meet the needs of today’s educated consumer. In addition, our team of skilled designers and craftsman source the best in quartz and granite for countertops that are suitable for home and hotel kitchens, bathrooms and lobbies. In addition, we strive to provide a wide selection of high-quality materials at affordable rates. Furthermore, we crosscheck every single piece before delivering our products to clients. For example, we don’t allow any cracks or scrapings. As a result, we deliver a finished countertop that is perfectly polished and smooth. At our facility, we have the tools to help our clients choose selections that work with their lifestyle and budget.

Our Focus is also on Quality and Cost

We strive to provide high-quality materials for countertops at affordable rates. To do this, we crosscheck every single piece prior to delivering our product to our customer. We make sure that the finished countertop is going to be perfectly polished and smooth. For that reason, we don’t allow any cracks or scrapings in the materials we source for countertops. At our facility, we have the tools to help our clients choose the right product for their project or home renovation.

Our team manages both the design and installation of your countertops. Also, we can show you how to maintain each of these products to ensure beauty that will last for years. Clients throughout the Rockport, Port Aransas, and Corpus Christi area speak not only the quality of our products, but the service they receive from 361 Cabinets and More. Above all, our goal is to have you as a satisfied client that is proud of the work we produced and the way we conducted ourselves as we worked together.

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